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Schematic Design

ARM, FPGA, DSP, board level DC/DC power supply, stepper motor drive and feedback control, LED drive and imaging optimization, wired wireless communication interface, analog front end, sensor technology, schematic design of human-computer interaction interface.

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PCB Layout

Based on Cadence, Altium Designer, Mentor PCB design ability, good at complex multi-layer system design, DDR, BGA, blind hole, HDI, FPC design, rich experience in DFT and DFM design.

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Reverse Engineering

As a remedial measure after the loss of design board design data, we provide PCB reverse, schematic reverse push, key chip Decap model analysis, chip decryption and burn code read back, discontinued material replacement and testing and other services.

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DFT/DFM Optimization and Support

Our professional R&D team has a lot of product experience and rich process optimization experience. From device selection to process optimization, from comprehensive cost reduction to solving batch yield and long-term reliability problems, from CCC certification to UL, CE certification, to provide one-stop engineering services for the product process.

Three protection and harsh environment performance optimization services.

CCC, CE, UL system certification and substandard optimization design services.

Cost optimization, DFT testability optimization, DFM manufacturability design optimization, yield, stability and reliability optimization services.

Share Resources and Modules

Completely free source code sharing platform

Provide source code, function library or communication library of common modules or subsystems verified by mass production, such as CAN, 485, SPI, stepper motor, barcode gun interface, etc., to help product development and significantly improve research and development efficiency.

Function and Algorithm

Provide mass production-proven function libraries in the form of function libraries to simplify product design processes and cycles.

Modules and subsystems

A variety of minimum modules or subsystems that meet mass production standards.

Design and Application Note

EECraftsman share includes analog circuits, digital circuits, software architecture design cases and ideas discussion, research, etc.

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